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  1. I receive, and have done so for more than a year, I think, and now, suddenly there seems to be no record of my having signed up. Have commented and received replies from Jeanette but now everything seems to be different. HAVE things changed? Do I start all over again, or could I be Emailed some help please, in order to continue as before? Jeanette is a STAR and we Banters are SOOO grateful for theswe lovely, free recipes!


    1. Hi Emma, as soon as you have registered with wordpress by providing your email, you will receive an email from them to confirm your subscription, to which to have to reply by clicking on ‘confirm subscription ‘. Then I will receive an email as well telling me that you are now following the blog, I haven’t received an email, which means your process didn’t work. There seems to be a fault on your side? I get many new ‘followers’ a week, so it’s definitely working.


    1. Emma, jy kry emails as en wanneer ek nuwe resepte publiseer. Ek het weke laas n nuwe resep geplaas. Van die dag wat jy geregistreer het, wat die 9de Oktober was, kry jy emails met die nuwe resepte. Al die ou resepte moet jy opsoek.


  2. Hi Jeanette
    I don’t ever receive your emails. Can you please kindly help me. I’m an expat South African. I love to follow your posts. I would also love to see your recipes.
    Many thanks
    Loreen from Australia


    1. Hi there. You have to FOLLOW my blog. There is an option to do so on every published recipe. You have to complete the steps, then you will receive a confirmation email from WordPress. Have you tried this before?


    1. Hi Yasmin. I’m by no means an expert and only develop recipes. Its best you join the official Banting Facebook page called: Low carb healthy fat (LCHF Lifestyle). The admin on that page are highly knowledgeable and helpful.


  3. Hey I was very impressed with your achievement and would appreciate if u could allow me to share your low carb menu. I am type2 and diagnosed 4 years ago thank you


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